Dr. Schrammek Acne Home Facial



STEP 1: On Cleansed Skin, EXFOLIATE
Dr. med. Schrammek Perfect Skin Peeling is a mild, creamy facial peeling.  It removes dead cells with fine particles from bamboo. The skin appears finer, softer, and revitalized.

Dr. med. Schrammek Black Clearing Charcoal Mask uses activated Carbon (Charcoal) to purify and clear deeper layers of the skin. It penetrates deep into the skin. It binds dirt, sebum, and other harmful substances that are then washed off with the mask.  The mask has a purifying and detoxifying effect.

Dr. med. Schrammek Clear Skin Silver Fluid combats the key factors of impure skin. Microsilver prevents the formation of acne, bacteria, inflammation, redness, and pimples. All individuals like this fluid, including men and teenagers because of it’s light texture.

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For impure, acne-prone skin.