Dr. med. Schrammek MOISTURE INTENSE Ampoules



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Dr. Schrammek MOISTURE INTENSE Ampoules are for skin in need of moisture or showing first lines of aging.  A synergistic mixture of low-and high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid results in intensive moisturizing. It optimally protects skin from moisture loss and significantly reduces dryness wrinkles. It results in skin looking firm, supple and smooth.

No parabens or fragrances.

Dehydrated Skin

Normal, Combination, Dry.

At Home:  Offer your customer a 7-day treatment at home as a cure treatment. Apply 1/2 ampoule in the morning and 1/2 ampoule in the evening, on cleansed skin.  Then apply appropriate Dr. Schrammek moisturizer. Also suitable for immediate radiating and youthful appearance for special occasions or on a daily basis.

In Salon:  Apply 1/2 ampoule under massage cream or mask.  Apply the remainder under day cream.

TIP:  The deep acting active ingredient concentrate can be improved by a mechanical massage.  Electrically supported methods, such as, ultrasound and iontophoresis, increase the effect.

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