Biodroga White Truffle Anti-Aging Concentrate


(includes 7 ampoules)

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Biodroga White Truffle Anti-Aging Concentrate (includes 7 ampoules), with an extract of precious white truffle and a highly efficient anti-aging complex, firms skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Matrix Stimulator improves the collagen formation of skin and skin’s elasticity and resilience longterm . Skin gains a youthful and vitalized look. Ideal in combination with the WHITE TRUFFLE Sheet Mask.

30+.  All skin except acne.  There is a specific concentrate for sensitive skin.

  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles with a sustainable effect
  • Imparts more elasticity and resilience to skin
  • Long-lasting anti-aging effect
  • Maintains skin‘s youthfulness
  • Skin appears firm and vital

Mornings and/or evenings apply to face, throat and décolleté and work in thoroughly. Open the ampoule using the enclosed ampoule breaker or cover the neck of the ampule with a tissue and break it at the score line. Use entire ampoule.

Ideal in combination with the WHITE TRUFFLE Sheet Mask.

For external use only.

7 ampoules

  • Extract of White TruffleThis exquisite extract, gained from a unique gourmet mushroom, improves skin‘s elasticity, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, has a firming effect on the connective tissue and intensely hydrates skin. Moreover, the thickness of the skin is positively influenced by white truffle.
  • Matrix Stimulator – responsible for the long-lasting effect. It improves the skin by means of gentle pulses that stimulate the collagen formation in skin. It improves the skin’s elasticity and resilience and is therefore considered to be a real anti-wrinkle substance! It sustainably improves the youthful look of skin and provides a long-lasting anti-aging effect.
  • Anti-Age Complex:
    • Tripeptides act like messenger substances. Through their signals, they improve skin‘s collagen synthesis and at the same time help to prevent the degradation of the collagen fibers. Collagen fibers are responsible for the firmness of the connective tissue and thus the firmness of skin. Their degradation leads to lack of elasticity and “sunken“ skin. Skin is tightened and firmed.
    • Wheat protein forms an ultra-fine film on skin and leaves fine lines and wrinkles looking diminished. It’s efficient instant-firming effect provides for a firm looking skin after the very first application.