Biodroga Men’s Moisture Hydra Power Fluid


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Moisturizing fluid and beard care in one!

  • Hydrating ingredients condition skin intensely and protect it against moisture loss
  • Dryness lines and flaky patches disappear
  • Conditions the beard and soothes itching
  • Replenishes the skin’s moisture depots leaving a young and fresh appearance


Mornings and evenings, after cleansing, clarifying, shavong and After Shave Balm, apply to face and throat and work in.

  • MOISTURE: High-Molecular Hyaluronic acid, Codiavelane® and Fucogel® supply skin with deeply acting moisture and protect against dehydration.
  • CALMING: Magnolia Extract is known for its antimicrobial and conditioning properties and helps to counter impurities and diminish inflammations.
  • SKINCARE: Avocado Oil smoothes dry and flaky skin patches, stubble beards become supple and soft.

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