Biodroga MD Lacto-Glucan Lifting Mask


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Biodroga MD Lacto-Glucan Lifting Mask is a LEAVE-ON MASK with the ultimate INSTANT EFFECT.

With its unique, film-forming biopolymer structure, this special mask delivers an incredible firming effect in just a few minutes that lasts for several hours. This 3D film fits like a second skin, prevents moisture loss and protects the skin from external environmental influences. This extremely effective mask also contains lactobionic acid, which regulates the skin’s pH value and provides an antioxidant protective layer.

All Skin Types.

  • It forms an INVISIBLE FILM on skin.
  • Firming effect in RECORD TIME.
  • It defines the contours and leaves a smoothing effect for many hours.
  • Offers a highly efficient protection against environmental stress, allergens and irritants.
  • Diminishes transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
  • Refines pores.
  • Maintains skin moisture.
  • Improves skin‘s elasticity and density.
  • Has an anti-oxidant effect.
  • Protects skin against premature aging.

Classic application: Care and pH management: Apply a thick layer of the mask one to two times weekly, leave on for ten minutes, remove with damp compresses, then apply serum, finishing treatment, and eye care.

Leave-on application with “WOW” lifting effect: Can be applied daily in the morning and/or evening. Apply a thin layer of the mask after cleansing, toning, skin-specific serum and AFTER finishing treatment. Leave on until it is COMPLETELY dry. The mask is not washed off afterwards – it stays on the skin! Afterwards, a cc cream, dd cream, makeup, etc. can applied on top (preferably with a kabuki brush).

  • IMPORTANT: The mask can be combined with all BIODROGA MD products – with the exception of Pep Tox Serum Fluid, Hyaluronic Acid Gel Concentrate, and Lacto-Peptide 8/10 Serum-in-Cream! In addition, we recommend that the mask is not combined with needling!

1.8 oz

Lactobionic acid belongs to the poly hydroxyacids (PHA).  Due to its molecular size it is considered as gentle acid and is also suited for sensitive skin.  Even patients with rosacea, psoriasis or other skin diseases can use it.  It maintains the skin moisture, improves skin‘s elasticity and density, has an anti-oxidative effect and protects skin against premature aging.

The polymer complex is the second skin glycopolymer.  It is a biomimetic, film-forming, highly cross-linked ingredient.  It lies, like a second skin, on the epidermis providing for an instant lifting effect.  Offers a highly efficient protection against environmental stress, allergens and irritants. Diminishes transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and refines pores.