Biodroga MD Anti-Pollution and Inflamm-Aging Serum


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Biodroga MD Anti-Pollution and Inflamm-Aging Serum Fights pollutants and micro inflammations for diminishing skin aging and calming sensitive skin.

1 product – 4 benefits:


Aging and sensitive skin.

Fights pollutants and micro inflammations.

  • Reduction of inflammatory processes and irritations
  • Strengthening of the skin’s protective barrier
  • Soothing of damages caused by external factors
  • Support of the repair function of the skin
  • Calms sensitive skin.

Use as a protection for the skin during daytime and us a skin specific serum for the night. Can be combined with any care.


The key ingredient Bio Protection PM2.5 is able to block chemical-physical heavy metals and other PM 2.5 particulates and to act as “protective shield” for skin. Moreover, Bio Protection PM2.5 has an antioxidant effect and stabilizes the skin cell membranes.

Dermapeace is a phyto-complex of special plants which, among others, contain specific anti-inflammatory components. It is a natural complex made of:

  • Tulsi: In Ayurveda it is considered as medicinal plant. It is used against inflammatory diseases. It contains ursolic acid which has anti-inflammatory
  • Milk thistle: Is used as gentle liver therapeutic medication since 1848. It contains silymarin which is a strong counterpart to inflammatory processes. Is anti-oxidative and impedes the elastase.
  • Green Alga: Is an extremely adaptable species that tolerates different salt contents and temperatures. Rich in marine penta saccharides that help the skin to build important structural proteins.

Other key ingredients:

Ursolic acid with its known anti-inflammatory effect.

Silymarin is a powerful counterpart to inflammatory processes (is used in medicine against toxic and inflammatory illnesses). Acts anti-oxidative and reduces the elastase.

Penta saccharides help the skin to build important structural proteins. They mainly are responsible to build fibers that give elasticity and firmness to the tissue.

Licorice Root Extract:  Acts soothing and anti-irritating.

AQUARICH® improves and stabilizes the moisture balance round the clock. Already after the first usage the black oat has a noticeable moisturizing effect.


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