Biodroga Grape Beauty Essence Energy Concentrate



Earn up to 45 BIObucks Points.

Grape Beauty Essence Energy Concentrate is a vitalizing concentrate. Energizes fatigued skin, leaving it looking vitalized and fresh. The skin functions are stimulated and the natural skin cell regeneration supported for the long-term. Skin looks radiant and fresh.

Ideal in combination with the LUXURIOUS GRAPE Sheet Mask.

All skin types, except acne.  See other specific masks for sensitive skin.

Tired, fatigued, dull skin.

  • Re-activates tired looking skin.
  • Stimulates all natural skin functions und cell activity.
  • Gives the skin new radiance.
  • Supports the youthful, vital appearance of the skin.
  • Protects the skin against free radicals.

Mornings and/or evenings apply to face, throat and décolleté and work in thoroughly. Open to ampoule using the enclosed ampoule breaker or cover the neck of the ampoule with a tissue and break it at the score line. Use entire ampoule.

For external use only.

Ideal in combination with the LUXURIOUS GRAPE Sheet Mask.

Champagne Grape Extract gives new energy to tired and dull looking skin, makes the skin tingle and leaves a radiant complexion.

Active ingredients of the energy complex:

  • Chronodyn™ Supports the metabolism and micro-circulation of the skin, gives new vitality and tightness and minimizes lines and wrinkles.
  • Extract of Dragon Fruit slows down the skin aging process and leaves the skin looking young and radiant.
  • Omega-CH-Activator F gives a long-term effect. It is water-soluble and catches free radicals, supporting collagen synthesis and increasing the moisture binding capacities of the skin. Additionally, it protects basal cells from free radicals.

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