Biodroga Anti-Cellulite Cream


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Biodroga Re-Shaping Anti-Cellulite Cream, in combination with physical activity and a healthy nutrition, helps to efficiently counter cellulite. The innovative ingredient combination of Poppy Extract, peptides and an algae mix supports the smoothing of skin’s structure and improves its firming. Additionally, this combination stimulates skin’s microcirculation, improves the drainage of the connective tissue and strengthens it at the same time. The light texture guarantees an easy application and distribution.


  • smooths skin’s structure and makes it firmer
  • has a tightening effect
  • reduces the signs of cellulite
  • stimulates skin’s micro-circulation, improves drainage of the connective tissue
  • strengthens connective tissue
  • the light texture guarantees easy application

Apply 1-2 times daily to the problem zones on thighs, buttocks and belly and gently massage with circular movements.

17.6 oz

Poppy Extract, Peptides and an Algae