Anti-Blemish Cream Against Impurities (Spot Treatment)


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Skin with blemishes – oily, dry, combination

  • helps smooth and refine dull, uneven skin
  • has an anti-bacterial effect
  • skin gains a clearer complexion, with regular use
  • can be used on oily or dry skin


Apply to affected skin areas several times a day.

0.5 oz

Bioactive Puran Complex (BioEcolia and Panthenol), Piroctone Olamin, Salicylic Acid, Licorice Root Extract, Lichen Extract, Healing Clay and Zinc Oxide.

Bioactive Puran Complex (BioEcolia and Panthenol). BioEcolia® is a polysaccharide that promotes the health of the skin’s natural bacterial flora. This helps to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, which can cause inflammation and blemishes. Panthenol soothes skin, prevents inflammatory processes and reduces light irritation and redness.