Many skin problems are caused by the harmful effects of sun radiation. Since UV light, often in an overdose, can damage the DNS in the cell core, attack the protective membrane of skin cells and cause inflammatory reactions such as redness, swelling or painful blister formation as pre-stage of a sunburn. Therefore the most important principle in skincare must be to protect the skin against too much sun radiation and repair damage that has been done.

BIODROGA REPAIR + CELL PROTECTION Day Care, SPF 15, is an absolute “MUST“ for those who have sun damage. It activates skin’s own natural repair function, provides skin with perfect all-round protection, increases skin’s resistance, stimulates skin’s micro-circulation and metabolism, imparts elasticity and suppleness, prevents light-induced premature skin aging, supplies moisture and binds it over hours, diminishes lines and wrinkles, leaves a silky-soft skin feel, optimally conditions and protects skin, protects skin’s own stem cells and protects skin against UV rays and free radicals.