Wellness and Your Skin

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Importance of Wellness

As the back to school rush gets underway and summer simmers with cooling temperatures, it’s important to keep in mind personal wellness in mind. With less daylight and vitamin D reaching the skin, keeping your mind and body balanced is a great way for leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Benefits of Wellness

While there are many obvious benefits to personal wellness like a healthy heart and rested body, there are others, too.  Wellness can lead to a more productive life. For many corporations, developing a wellness program is not only showing employees their employer cares, but also giving them a tool to engage with employees on a matter that affects most; each leading to a better lifestyle and improved personal care.

Wellness and Men

Although stressful work environments ripple across all socioeconomic groups, one segment in particular is gravitating towards wellness with the rise of fashion and beauty lines catering towards men. Nowadays, according to a study published by Lanserhof, men account for 45 percent of spa visits.  From grooming, fitness and skin care, men are now investing in their appearance.

With the growing stresses of workplace demands, men are seeking ways to maintain their physique while removing traditional stigmas of wellness and treatments as a female or couples only activity.  With a growing popularity on personal wellness, both men and women are taking their commitments to new heights.

Some of the Top Names in Health, Beauty and Wellness

 As all segments of the population seek to define their routines, supplements and go-to brands for wellness, who are some of the top ones you should consider?  According to Forbes, there are a number of interesting brands and products to help you be your best and we’ve picked a few we thought you should know about.

The Louisa Drake Method

With a stylish studio giving you two locations to choose from and what’s being called “an aching” workout, you’ll be sure to keep in good shape and learn from some of the best.  From cardio to resistance, there are a variety of programs to keep you in shape.

Night Sleeping Solutions

We know sleep is a key step to looking young and feeling great each day.  With mulberry silk and bamboo blends to rest your head, Night pillowcases give you the best sleep by regulating oils, moisture levels of your skin and so much more.

Skincare-USA offers wonderful “sleeping creams” which rejuvenate while you sleep! For example. Biodroga Golden Caviar Radiance & Anti-Age Sleeping Cream-Serum relaxes the skin and regenerates it overnight.  It works during the overnight regeneration phasem combining the properties of a rich cream and an intensive serum.  This “overnight beauty cream” stimulates the functions and micro-circulation of skin, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles while sleeping.

From eating healthy and adding color to your life to protecting your skin and getting exercise, wellness comes from within. Motivate yourself and become your best.


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